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Lomi Lomi massage certificate, Level 1, 2 &3
by Certified Lomi Lomi pratictioner Ms Katia Nicolaou

Lomi Lomi underworks techniques

by Certified Lomi Lomi pratictioner Ms Katia Nicolaou

Holistic massage certificate
by Certified Holistic massage pratictioner Ms Katia Nicolaou

Thai reflexology certificate

(Accredited Chiang Mai ITC Massage School, Thailand)


Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology
(ITEC Level 3)

Ayurveda massage and therapy certificate

(Haritha institute, Rishikesh, India)



I intend to offer a massage in a peaceful atmosphere with music and hot oils of your choice. All essential oils (diffused in the room)/ essensial massage oils / serums for the face are natural & organic. However, should you have any special requests or allergies, please advise me when you book your massage.


Each customer is requested to have showered before the session. The extra oil is removed at the end of the session. All towels are washed after each customer, the headrest cover is single use, disposable underwear are available.


I offer relaxing massages which are not medical nor of any sexual nature. At all times, the modesty of the customer will be respected with towels covering the breast and the intimate parts.


Please arrive 10 min before the appointment so that the massage lasts for an actual hour. (90mn) I space appointments so that nobody feels rushed.
(at least 30 min between two clients)

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